Explore & Inspire

Explore & Inspire

Often when presented with a new project we become overwhelmed with enthusiasm and want to start right now! This article aims to outline the benefits of taking time to research your ideas.

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Growing Your Community Garden Ideas

From Thoughts to Ideas:

Are you dreaming of setting up a community garden? Are you wondering where to start? Or perhaps you have already embarked on your community garden journey and are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed.  This article provides a brief outline on how to turn your dreams and thoughts into clear ideas for community garden success. Read More →

10 Steps to Grow Your Community Garden Ideas

From Thoughts to Ideas

1)      What is your dream?

2)      Create your dream into ideas by putting pen to paper

3)      Ask yourself questions; ‘What do I want to do & why?’

4)      Use your answers to create your Aims & Objectives

Outcome: The start of creating clear communication for funders and your community. Read More →