Growing Your Community Garden Ideas

From Thoughts to Ideas:

Are you dreaming of setting up a community garden? Are you wondering where to start? Or perhaps you have already embarked on your community garden journey and are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed.  This article provides a brief outline on how to turn your dreams and thoughts into clear ideas for community garden success.

Allocating some time out of your day to think about your dream is a great start. Find yourself a relaxing place so you can free your mind of  life’s daily responsibilities. Take this opportunity to focus your mind on your community garden dream.

We all have dreams, often they stay as just that, ideas floating around in our minds. By putting pen to paper you will gain clarity to your ideas and are actively working towards creating your community garden.  Writing your ideas down will enable you to ask yourself some questions. Asking yourself questions is one of the best methods to be clear about the motives and goals behind your community garden ideas.

‘What is my dream?…’

‘What is it that I want to do?…’

‘Why do I want to do it?…’

Answering the above questions are a great start to forming your community gardens aims and objectives. These answers will also provide text that you can develop and utilise for funding applications. The answers will enable you to communicate your cause with both funders and your community. When a funder asks you, ‘Why do you want to run a community garden?’ Right from the beginning of your journey you will be able to reply confidently and concisely.

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