Potato Hedgehogs

A real winner with children and most adults!

You will need

Large potatoes; tea spoons, spent matchsticks, cotton wool, cress seeds, water proof marker pens.

What to do

Hold your potato longways, (so it is flatter on the top), and scoop out the centre of the top for approx 2 cms deep.

Dry potato ‘body’ if necessary and draw a face on whichever end looks best for it.

Push 4 spent matches into each corner of the underside of the potato to act as legs.

Tear off a piece of cotton wool and dampen. Lay in the depression just made in the potato.

Sprinkle cress seeds thickly over the cotton wool.

Leave on a sunny window sill and keep the cotton wool moist. Seeds will sprout and look like ‘spikes’ in one-two weeks. They can be cut for salads/sandwiches and will re-grow two or three times.

Discuss: what seeds need to grow, roots and shoots, goodness from sprouting greens seeds etc.

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