This is a precious and vital resource, not to be wasted.

Water  butts. Water harvesting by the use of water buts from any available building will help with the health of your garden and with management of this precious resource. Link up as many as you feasibly can to catch water to use in your garden and pond, (using tap water in a pond will kill many vital microorganisms and affect its health and balance).

Water with water cans or a drip hose kit specifically for water butts, if you have electricity on site, a water butt pump kit is available which you can attach a hose to, or if butts are high enough you can just use gravity.

Good watering techniques. A community garden may only have one visit a week, so make it count!
Watering appropriately and well can make all the difference to your garden. Different plants have different watering needs. Seedlings will need regular gentle watering to get them started, then a weekly soak around the roots is often enough if good mulching and soil techniques are employed in a garden.

Don’t spray in the air or on the leaves, water the soil not the plant, and less will be wasted.

Once established, trees and perennials will not need much watering, only in extreme weather, but again here mulching is vital to keep any water in the soil.

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